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Lawn Maintenance in the River Parishes

Lawn Maintenance

One of the toughest things to keep up on is your lawn. It’s not just mowing, it’s taking care of the most important parts of your landscaping.

Kleen Kutz Lawn Care Service will mow, trim, edge, and blow up debris on a weekly basis.

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Hedge & Shrub Trimming in the River Parishes

Hedge & Shrub Trimming

Hedges are one of the best ways to liven up your home’s landscaping. Picking the perfect plant will maky you happy every time you walk past your hedge.

But every hedge or shrub needs to be trimmed regularly to maintain the plant’s health and keep your home as beautiful as possible. Kleen Kutz brings over a decade of knowledge to your River Parish home.

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Flower Bed Maintenance for the River Parishes

Flower Bed Maintenance

Flower beds protect your home’s foundation and break up the look of your landscaping, making your home even more beautiful.

By weeding, re-mulching, and pruning any plants, Kleen Kutz makes sure that your flower bed are healthy and maintained all year round.

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